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If you have your sights set high, your budget—and fundraising skills—will have to rise to the challenge.

Crowdfunding more than $10,000 on ioby is totally doable, but it takes some extra planning. In this webinar recording we hear from ioby leaders who have successfully raised BIG bucks for their community. You'll learn valuable tools, tips, and challenges to meeting big budget crowdfunding goals. Learn from an experienced panel of ioby project leaders, non-profit fundraisers, and one of our staff coaches. 

This Crowdfunding for Larger Budgets recording includes:

  • Two projects that have raised over $10,000 on ioby, including results to get inspired. 
  • How to build a team and develop leadership to successfully raise over $10,000. 
  • How storytelling can strengthen your fundraising strategy, mobilize neighbors and get buy-in from the community. 
  • How long term, structural change can be made with a grassroots or community project. 
  • When crowdfunding is the right tool to raise funds for your project.


John Bailey, Saint Paul Tool Library, raised over $13,000 

Frampton Tolbert, Center for Urban Pedagogy, raised nearly $12,000 

Susanna Barton, Overton Park Conservancy, raised over $14,000


Christina Webb, ioby's Leader Success Manager