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There's no doubt that the current moment presents difficult choices and new challenges for grassroots and nonprofit fundraising plans. While many traditional fundraising tools may be off the table for now, crowdfunding can be a powerful tool to leverage the resources you already have to continue to fundraise for your organization effectively. In this webinar, see how to quickly switch in-person fundraising events to an effective crowdfunding campaign, learn best practices for crowdfunding for nonprofits, and get key tips on using ioby to raise the funds you need to support your mission. 

This Crowdfunding for Uncertain Times webinar recording includes:

  • How to raise money right now for your COVID-19 response project
  • How to pivot an in-person event to an online crowdfunding campaign successfully
  • Advice on when, and how, to ask for donations in a time of crisis
  • Strategies to ask for donations in difficult times
  • Case study from a neighborhood leader crowdfunding to support restaurant workers impacted by COVID-19 in their community
    • Why they did it, and how they did it


Elina and Kacy, project leaders with Pittsburgh Restaurant Workers Aid - Food Distribution Center

Dana Schneider, ioby's Community and Growth Manager 


Miriam Parson, ioby's Interim City Action Strategist Manager