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If you care about your neighborhood and have a community of friends, family, and neighbors who care about it too, you already have almost everything you need to make change. In fact, you very well might already be a changemaker! If you're ready to rally your community and fundraise for positive change, this guide is for you. 

We've compiled over a decade of experience in crowdfunding with thousands of leaders all across the country into a simple guide to help you plan your own crowdfunding campaign from start to finish. 

This FREE guide includes:

- Step-by-step guidance on crowdfunding, from start to finish
- How to plan your campaign and ask for donations
- How to organize a team and recruit volunteers 
- Our top tips and advice on what works and doesn't work when crowdfunding
- Samples of successful campaigns
-  Blank templates and worksheets for you to create your own campaign
...and more!