Skip ahead to hear about the seven types of COVID-19 response projects that are eligible to crowdfund on ioby: 

Nonprofit Organizations 2:14
Support neighbors who have lost wages 3:27
Neighbors with medical bills 4:06
Medical equipment needs 4:38
Restaurants and small businesses 5:43
Celebrating community togetherness and social connections 7:21
Protecting vulnerable neighbors 9:11

Want to start a project to respond to COVID-19? 

If you have an idea to offer care to your neighbors in need—whether it's an online art session, a no-contact drop off of groceries, or much much more—we're here to help. Crowdfund with ioby to get the funds you need to bring your idea to life and get access to a personal fundraising coach, free tools to boost civic engagement, and fiscal sponsorship to collect tax-deductible donations. Watch the video above with Dominique and Lindsey to learn more about the types of community response projects that are eligible to crowdfund with ioby. Then, share your idea with us! 

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