We welcome partnerships with businesses or other non-profits that support our mission to empower resident leaders to make positive change in their neighborhoods. Join us in raising over $1 million dollars in citizen philanthropy through more than 400 projects each year. Let’s build even stronger, healthier, and more inclusive neighborhoods together!


Pollos del Pueblo Project

Support Our Platform

Your investment in ioby builds our capacity to support leaders with tailored fundraising advice, maintain an easy-to-use digital platform, and connect neighborhood leaders together online and on the ground. In return, your brand is featured as a leading supporter of the platform, exposing new audiences of civically-engaged project leaders, donors, and volunteers to your brand.


Boogie Down Booth in the Bronx - Launch of Project

Sponsor a Match Fund

Your investment in a match fund administered by ioby supports a cohort of projects focused around a specific theme and/or geography, boosting your brand reach to a tailored audience. Check out the Healthy Neighborhoods Challenge, a cohort of projects that generated a 128% return on investment by leveraging match fund dollars.


Volunteering at an ioby project


Build Your Backyard

Your organization or business can support giving codes for your employees or local residents, building your brand’s image as a change-maker among civic leaders.



Contact our Ken Nadolski, Senior Director of Philanthropy to discuss options for your company or organization: ken [at] ioby.org.

You can view ioby's list of corporate partners on our transparency page. You can also view ioby's Corporate Support Acceptance Guidelines.