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The places where we live have a powerful effect on our health. Think about your own neighborhood; are there enough sidewalks and bike lanes to ensure that you can get around safely, and live an active lifestyle? Do you have easy access to affordable healthy food? Are there well maintained parks and other open areas for you to spend time outside? In this webinar recording, you'll learn strategies from neighborhood leaders who crowdfunded successfully with ioby to bring their ideas to life in both rural and urban places, and how they strengthened their communities along the way.

This Community Health Projects webinar recording includes:

  • Three community leaders in New York share their community's challenges and solutions to making a healthier neighborhood
  • When crowdfunding is the right tool to fundraise for community health projects
  • How to arrive at a project idea to tackle public health with your neighbors
  • How to leverage storytelling for your fundraising campaign
  • How to get community buy-in from your project
  • A pre-recorded Q&A with three experts 


Alexis Mena, Grow Brownsville

Carey King, Uptown Grand Central 

Charlie Harris, Project Green Space


Ethany Uttech, ioby's Partnerships Manager