Public Lab’s diverse, global community is using innovative, open source DIY tools to monitor environmental issues that matter to them. Whether tracking chemical emissions from refineries, teaching kids about civic responsibility via kite mapping, or monitoring progress on efforts to remove invasive species, Public Lab contributors work to create healthier, more engaged communities using fun, simple techniques. Using everyday items--like handheld digital cameras, kites and string--Public Lab members re-imagine environmental monitoring tools, taking science out of its ivory tower and making it an accessible part of everyday life. With Public Lab, people leverage the brain power and experience of thousands of contributors around the world to create results in their own backyards.

Check out the projects below to see Public Lab innovation in action, as we work to democratize science and empower neighborhoods to become healthier, safer places. Find a project that inspires you!

  • Mystic River Open Water

    Public Lab and local partners are building an open-source water quality monitoring platform.

    NEEDS: $0 of 1,056 + Volunteers
  • Refinery Flare Monitoring

    We are constructing observation stations to monitor refinery flares continuously and remotely. They will provide an inexpensive, easy to construct, and reliable remote flare observation station that provides usable data.

    NEEDS: $0 of 298
  • Gowanus Low Altitude Mapping (GLAM)

    Gowanus Low Altitude Mapping (GLAM) is a volunteer-driven initiative to create detailed aerial photos of the Superfund-designated Gowanus Canal, using cameras and balloons.

    NEEDS: $0 of 293 + Volunteers