Friends of Coney Island Creek Ferry Landing + Park

The project will bring a recreational ferry from The Battery to Coney Island, landing at an improved pier and a new ancillary Park, to enhance awareness and affection for the wonders of Coney Island Creek.

NEEDS: $27,035 of 27,035 + Volunteers

61 Franklin Street Garden

61 Franklin Street Garden is resident-led community project converting a vacant lot in Northern Greenpoint into a vibrant and green open space for the use of the neighborhood.

NEEDS: $0 of 578 + Volunteers

One Kin Farm

At One Kin, we want to compost our food scraps to keep trash off our streets and make compost to green our garden and our neighborhood.

NEEDS: $1,655 of 1,655

A Small Green Patch - Donation Drive 2013

A Small Green Patch is a Community Garden in Brooklyn, NY - The money gererated from this project will help the garden buy and set up a number of needed tools and events for the community.

NEEDS: $0 of 755 + Volunteers

Sustainable Flatbush Healing Herb Garden

Our culinary and medicinal herb garden will serve as an outdoor classroom to demonstrate the benefits of herbs as both food and medicine.

NEEDS: $0 of 2,802 + Volunteers

School Garden for our Brooklyn Community

Based on the interest of educating students of the various forms of healthy food options as well as a need to beautify the school grounds, LFS students decided to build a school garden.

NEEDS: $618 of 618

Cafeteria Recycling

We are looking to have a student run recycling program in the student's cafeteria.

NEEDS: $1,065 of 1,065

Children's Garden and Green Roof

PS 29 is rebuilding and reopening its Children's Garden in the school yard. The Garden was started 7 years ago and celebrated by Mayor Bloomberg as one of the first in NY.

NEEDS: $50,000 of 50,000 + Volunteers


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