The ioby Artists Lead! program provides a flexible funding opportunity for artist-led projects that create community change. Projects of all budget sizes are welcome, and every eligible project is given access to up to $15,000 in dollar-for-dollar match funding. Match funding is distributed on a first-come, first-served basis to all eligible projects as they fundraise. 

To be eligible for match funding through this program, your project must:

  1. Focus on a geographic community, like a neighborhood, town, or city.
  2. Be led by an artist (or group of artists) collaborating closely or working in partnership with other members of the community. Artists from all artistic fields are eligible. The artist(s) should be leading the project implementation as well as the fundraising campaign. 
  3. Generate place-based outcomes that the community has expressed a need or desire for.
  4. Be based in the United States or a U.S. Territory.
  5. Produce a shared community benefit or public good and not be aimed at private profit for a specific individual, family, or business.
  6. Begin implementation anytime between now and December 2020. 

If your project is eligible, you will be required to:

  1. Have the lead artist (or one of the lead artists) be ioby’s point person for communicating about fundraising. 
  2. Include a budget on your ioby campaign page outlining how funds will be spent; this budget can be updated to be larger or smaller in the future if needed as the project evolves. 
  3. Complete three short surveys:
    • Pre-fundraising survey - We’ll ask you to fill out this 5 minute survey before you begin fundraising.
    • Post-fundraising survey - We’ll ask you to fill out this 5 minute survey when you finish fundraising. 
    • Project Implementation survey - We’ll ask you to fill out this 10-15 minute survey when you finish fundraising and once you’ve implemented your project. 

For more information about Artists Lead! eligibility and how the match works, see our FAQs.