Adele DiMarco Kious, Cleveland, OH

Founder and Lead Steward, Yinovate, LLC

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Adele is the founder and lead steward of Yinovate, LLC. Her passion is working with groups, supporting them to lead transformational change within themselves and the communities and organizations they serve.  Using frameworks and processes grounded in systems thinking, Gestalt theory, Anthropology, Positive Psychology and Appreciative Inquiry, these projects range from inspirational speaking engagements, to facilitating team-led culture change, to the design and delivery of leadership development experiences. She has co-launched three social change initiatives in Greater Cleveland: SOMO (Social-Emotional) Leadership; Prism, a dialogue series on race, power and privilege; & City Repair, a neighbor-led empowerment and beautification process. In 2013, she helped open Urban Oak School in Cleveland Heights, Greater Cleveland’s first Waldorf inspired pre- and grade school where she currently serves as board president. Through work with a sister firm, Currere, her clients have included The Cleveland Leadership Center, YWCA Greater Cleveland, The Gund Foundation, The Cleveland Foundation and more.

  • Community organizing / civic engagement

  • Sharing economies

  • Leadership development / organizational strategy

  • CDCs/ CDFIs

  • Sustainability / resilience

  • Urban design

  • Activating vacant lots / vacant spaces

  • Other: placed-based purpose


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