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Adam Ortiz

Prince George’s County, MD

Director, Prince George's County Department of Environment


Adele DiMarco Kious

Cleveland, OH

Founder and Lead Steward, Yinovate, LLC

Andy Kitsinger

Memphis, TN

Owner/Principal, The Development Studio, LLC

Anthony DiNolfo

Memphis, TN

Designer, Archimania

Betsy MacLean

New York, NY

Executive Director, Hester Street Collaborative

Charlie Santo

Memphis, TN

Chair and Associate Professor, Department of City and Regional Planning, University of Memphis

Chris Sandvig

Pittsburgh, PA

Director of Policy, Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group

Cordell Arellano

Cleveland, OH  

Lifelong Advocate for Youth Empowerment and Community Building

Dan Hinman

Cleveland, OH

Director of Income, United Way of Greater Cleveland

David Jurca

Cleveland, OH

Associate Director, Kent State Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative

Dean Hay

Detroit, MI

Director of Green Infrastructure, The Greening of Detroit


Diana Sette

Cleveland, OH

Arborist Educator, Holden Forests & Gardens


Ilan Kutok

New York, NY

Citywide Team Leader, NYC Parks



Jason Hercules

Washington DC

Manager, LEED Dept.; Location and Transportation Specialist

Julie Flynn

San Francisco, CA

Project Director, The Street Plans Collaborative

Justin G Moore

New York, NY

Executive Director, NYC Public Design Commission

ioby Board Member

Karyn Williams

New York, NY

Senior Project Planner, NYC Parks

Lisa Kunst Vavro

Pittsburgh, PA

Sustainable Environments Manager/Engaged Scholarship Manager for Penn State Center Pittsburgh



Louise Bruce

New York, NY

Senior Program Manager, NYC Organics, NYC Department of Sanitation

Noah Budnick

Berkeley, CA

Director of Public Policy & Government Affairs, Zendrive, San Francisco, CA 

Phoebe Downey

Pittsburgh, PA

Program Manager, Envision Downtown

Ryan Marshall

Detroit, MI

Architect, FX Architecture

Sarah Newstok

Memphis, TN

Special Projects, Livable Memphis

Todd Scott

Detroit, MI

Executive Director, Detroit Greenways


Tommy Pacello

Memphis, TN

President, Memphis Medical District Collaborative


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