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Adele DiMarco Kious

Cleveland, OH

Founder and Lead Steward, Yinovate, LLC

Andy Kitsinger

Memphis, TN

Owner/Principal, The Development Studio, LLC

Betsy MacLean

New York, NY

Executive Director, Hester Street Collaborative

Charlie Santo

Memphis, TN

Chair and Associate Professor, Department of City and Regional Planning, University of Memphis

Christine Curella

New York, NY

Assistant Vice President, Center for Economic Transformation, NYCEDC

Chris Beichner

Pittsburgh, PA

President & CEO, Allegheny Land Trust



Chris Sandvig

Pittsburgh, PA

Director of Policy, Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group


Dan Hinman

Cleveland, OH

Director of Income, United Way of Greater Cleveland

Diana Sette

Cleveland, OH

Arborist Educator, Holden Forests & Gardens


John Paul Shaffer

Memphis, TN

BLDG Memphis Executive Director, Community Development Council of Greater Memphis

Joy D Johnson

Cleveland, OH

Associate Director, Burten, Bell, Carr Development, Inc


Katherine Camp

Pittsburgh, PA 

Green Infrastructure Program Management Consultant


Mark Foggin

New York, NY

Co-Founder & Advisor, Public Works Partners

Nina Holzer

Cleveland, OH

Manager of CDC Advancement, Cleveland Neighborhood Progress

Nwamaka Agbo

Oakland, CA

Next Economy Innovation Fellow, Movement Strategy Center

Sarah Newstok

Memphis, TN

Special Projects, Livable Memphis


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