Nikii Richey, Memphis, TN

Co-founder, Sister Supply

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Nikii Richey is the Executive Director for Memphis Advertising Federation, an artist, studio manager, curator, jewelry-maker, graphic designer and co-founder of Sister Supply.

She is passionate about destigmatizing discussion of menstruation and sees this as an important part of the work she does at Sister Supply. Nikii worked in advertising for ten years before pursuing her Masters in the same field, and uses her experience to create meaningful marketing materials that draw in supporters and facilitate productive conversations. She currently bounces from one job to another throughout the day and is happiest when she’s designing and creating, especially for Sister Supply.

She lives and plays in Memphis with her husband and two knuckle-head boys.

  • Community organizing / civic engagement

  • Advocacy

  • Other forms of fundraising

  • Communications/PR/Media

  • Leadership development / organizational strategy

  • Graphic representation/design


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