Megan Higgins, Memphis, TN

Project Manager, Innovate Memphis

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Megan works as Project Manager at Innovate Memphis. As part of a mayoral priority concerning access to city services, Megan's work includes the development of a new business model for Memphis Animal Services, an open admissions public shelter, as well as implementing the city’s first online reservation and permitting system for public park space. Currently, Megan is coordinating the development of a city-wide parks advocacy organization based on a private-public partnership model which is also informing her work as project manager for Reimagining the Civic Commons – a revitalization effort for public space in downtown Memphis.

Prior to Innovate Memphis, Megan had a successful career as an Art Director in NYC, and a long standing assignment as Chief Bottle Washer and partner in a popular restaurant in the wilds of Montana.

  • Community organizing / civic engagement

  • Advocacy

  • Storytelling/Public Speaking

  • Permitting/navigating regulatory requirements

  • Leadership development / organizational strategy

  • Impact / outcome measurement


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