Karyn Williams, New York, NY

Senior Project Planner, NYC Parks

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Karyn is a Senior Project Planner with NYC Parks with 15 years experience as an urban planner and designer. Before joining the Parks Department, she worked at the Municipal Art Society where she led community-based initiatives in Brownsville as well as Livable Neighborhoods Program. Karyn has also worked as a landscape architect, notable projects included: Greenwood Cemetery, Battery Park, and Rockaway Park. Karyn started her career working as an urban planner in Baltimore and worked on large scale urban redevelopment projects. Karyn holds a B.A. in International Development Studies from Trent University, a Masters of Urban Planning from McGill University and a Masters of Landscape Architecture from the University of Toronto.

  • Green Infrastructure

  • Community organizing / civic engagement

  • Permitting/navigating regulatory requirements

  • Urban design

  • Activating vacant lots / vacant spaces

  • I ran an awesome ioby campaign

  • Other: design build


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