Julie Flynn, San Francisco, CA

Project Director, The Street Plans Collaborative

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Julie Flynn is a Project Director at Street Plans. Julie has a strong background in communications and facilitation, as well as extensive experience with research and graphics production for urban planning projects.  Drawing on years of previous experience with large-scale public events for the arts/non-profit sectors, Julie leads many of the Street Plan’s Tactical Urbanism demonstration projects, working with clients and local stakeholders to transform streets and public-spaces using low-cost or borrowed materials.   

Julie recently served as Project Manager leading Street Plans’ work on the Guide to Stewardship of Emerging Public Spaces in partnership with the SF Planning Department. Prior to joining Street Plans, Julie worked as a Transportation Planner and Public Involvement Specialist at Howard/Stein-Hudson Associates (HSH) in New York, NY. At HSH, Julie worked on an array of projects at the federal, state, and neighborhood level. She also coordinated the city-wide permit process for New York City’s PARK(ing) Day event.  

  • Community organizing / civic engagement

  • Advocacy

  • Communications/PR/Media

  • Storytelling/Public Speaking

  • Permitting/navigating regulatory requirements

  • Volunteer management

  • Urban design

  • Graphic representation/design

  • Tactical urbanism

  • Activating vacant lots / vacant spaces

  • Impact / outcome measurement


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