Diana Sette, Cleveland, OH

Arborist Educator, Holden Forests & Gardens

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Diana Sette is a strategic thinker with a diverse range of experience from developing and leading green industry workforce development programs to boots-on-the-ground implementation of green infrastructure projects. She is trained as a community forester and is a Certified Permaculture Teacher and Designer with over a decade of experience in applied agroecokogy. She is the co-founder of an intentional community, has served on several non-profit boards, and is a published writer covering ecological design and the intersection of art and politics. From her experience, she has found community asset-based initiatives to be the most resilient and is passionate about supporting grassroots efforts with a similar goal.  

  • Green Infrastructure 

  • Community organizing / civic engagement

  • Grantwriting

  • Communications/PR/Media

  • Volunteer management

  • Leadership development / organizational strategy

  • CDCs/ CDFIs

  • Sustainability / resilience

  • Urban design

  • Graphic representation/design

  • Tactical urbanism

  • Urban farming and food justice

  • Activating vacant lots / vacant spaces

  • Environmental justice

  • Impact / outcome measurement

  • Art and building skills like welding, painting, etc.

  • Street Theater/Puppetry


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