Desmond Andrew Lewis, Memphis, TN

Sculptor and Graduate Student, The University of Memphis

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Desmond Lewis, a Brentwood, Tennessee native, is currently a Masters of Fine Art in Sculpture graduate student at The University of Memphis. Desmond received his Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (Political Studies and Ceramics) from Tennessee State University and an Associate of Arts degree in Ceramic Material Science and Political Studies from Bard College at Simon’s Rock. Utilizing forging and fabrication techniques he builds sculptures of various sizes, primarily from steel, that are frequently shown throughout the United States. Additionally, Desmond fabricates large scale sculptures that seek to enhance public spaces in developing communities. His gallery oriented work overtly address economic, social, political, and environmental disparities due to racial discrimination while his outdoor work seeks to brightly enhance the local landscape.

  • art and building skills like welding, painting, etc.


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