Chris Sandvig, Pittsburgh, PA

Director of Policy, Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group

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Chris builds partnerships with corporate, nonprofit, institutional, grassroots, and government stakeholders to address broad issues with neighborhood-level implications. Focusing on issues related to access to capital, repurposing of vacant land, and leveraging our transportation system as an economic engine, Chris leads PCRG’s, community-based policy and advocacy to transform Pittsburgh’s into a vibrant, inclusive community with opportunities for all. Chris holds a BS in Industrial Engineering from Penn State and a MS in Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon, where he concentrated on urban and regional economic development and public finance.

  • Community organizing / civic engagement

  • Advocacy

  • Communications/PR/Media

  • Storytelling/Public Speaking

  • CDCs/ CDFIs

  • Sustainability / resilience

  • Urban design

  • Activating vacant lots / vacant spaces

  • Environmental justice

  • Impact / outcome measurement

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