Brandon Whitney, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer

An environmental anthropologist by training, Brandon’s background includes conservation science, community-based development, civic engagement and education. His experience spans academia, NGOs, and community organizations in rural and urban contexts in the US and abroad, including Latin America and West Africa.

Brandon currently serves as a Leader in Residence for Urban Sustainability at the Colin Powell Center for Leadership and Service at The City College of New York, and as a Visiting Fellow with the Next Generation Engagement Project at UMass, Boston.

Before coming to ioby full time, he was a program associate with the Center for Humans and Nature, an interdisciplinary think tank that explores and promotes civic responsibilities for the environment. Previously, with the Earth Institute at Columbia University, Brandon worked to develop collaborative research programs on climate change, global water issues, and extreme poverty. His prior experience includes consulting on inquiry-based environmental curricula for the Center for Environmental Research and Conservation and fostering urban environmental stewardship while at the Urban Resources Initiative. In addition to his environmental work before ioby, Brandon also served as a research associate with the Center for Excellence in Curricular Engagement at NC State University, collaborating on scholarship projects aimed at adapting the service-learning pedagogy to a variety of contexts; he has published articles and book chapters on civic engagement and education.

An avid runner, amateur chef, and aspiring fire-escape gardener, Brandon lived in NYC until 2016, when he moved to the Bay Area with his partner. He holds undergraduate degrees in Biology and Political Science from NC State University and a Master of Environmental Science from Yale University. The Rockefeller Foundation awarded Brandon and his co-founders at ioby the 2012 Jane Jacobs Medal for New Technology and Innovation.

brandon [at] ioby [dot] org


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