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COVID 19: Caring for your community

Our ioby community is full of helpers. Neighborhood leaders, unofficial mayors of the block, people like you who have always stepped up to do what’s right and to lend a hand. We know that many of you are now trying to figure out how to step up to support your neighbors. We’re here to help. There are two things you can do on ioby right now to support your community: You can start a project on ioby, or check out a list of resources in Pittsburgh we've compiled to help you plan a project. 

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Join our June 3rd webinar to celebrate ioby crowdfunding successes with Northside community leaders!

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About ioby Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is pretty special. From 446 bridges to 90 neighborhoods, there’s a lot to love about the mighty Steel City. But most of all: Pittsburghers don’t wait around to get good done. Since we began our on-the-ground work in Pittsburgh, ioby has collaborated with over 130 resident leaders as they plan, crowdfund, and build positive change in neighborhoods all across the city and region. With a median donation of $35, Pittsburghers working with ioby have raised over $500,000 in small donations to make our neighborhoods thriving and full of opportunity for all.


Meet Miriam Parson, Pittsburgh Action Strategist!

As a Pittsburgh Action Strategist, Miriam is working to help even more leaders like you in Pittsburgh make positive change across the city. When you share your idea for positive change in your Pittsburgh neighborhood, Miriam will walk alongside you as you build your crowdfunding campaign page, make your first donation asks, and build your project.

Miriam is a Pennsylvanian who has settled permanently in Pittsburgh and believes in the collaborative spirit of her hometown. As ioby’s Pittsburgh Action Strategist, she listens to Pittsburghers’ ideas to do positive work in their neighborhoods and then pools resources and experts to support the project leader’s success.

Get to know more about Miriam’s love for Pittsburgh’s collaborative spirit and shared sense of place.

Learn more about our City Action Strategists and how we work on-the-ground to support resident-led change.


Get your donations doubled! 

One Northside Crowdfunding Challenge

The ioby One Northside Crowdfunding Challenge is here to give a boost to residents (that's you!) taking an active role in shaping life in the Northside. If you're working on a project that makes your Northside neighborhood greener, healthier, more sustainable, or more vibrant, you may be eligible to get your fundraising dollars doubled when you crowdfund your project with ioby. 

Anyone—nonprofits, schools, informal groups, and individuals—can receive one-on-one fundraising coaching and dollar-for-dollar matching funds up to $10,000 on their ioby crowdfunding campaign in support of projects that build the Northside's positive future. 

Double your donations

National COVID-19 Community Response and Recovery Match Fund

Have an idea to respond to COVID-19 and its impacts in your community? We're here to help. When you crowdfund with ioby for a COVID-19 related project, we'll double what you fundraise dollar-for-dollar up to $8,000. Plus, we'll waive our $35 platform fee and our 5% fiscal sponsorship fee. Ready to get started? 

Start a project

What projects are eligible? 

Donate to a project in your Pittsburgh Neighborhood

  • Youth Summer Camp at Allegheny Y

    The Allegheny YMCA has been providing a safe, fun summer day camp for youth on the North Side for decades. Without your help, we may not be able to contunie providing this progam next year.

    NEEDS: $170 of 20,635
  • Khuraki 2020

    A theatrical/culinary/cultural celebration of Afghanistan, co-created by RealTime and a group of Afghan refugee women. The show marks the launch of their new Afghan catering co-op, Zafaron!

    NEEDS: $0 of 10,345 + Volunteers
  • Northside Wash Parties

    Because the simple dignity of clean clothes is an easy way to reach out to our neighbors on the Northside of Pittsburgh.

    NEEDS: $0 of 2,900 + Volunteers
  • Our Future!

    Support Youth Artists in Pittsburgh!

    NEEDS: $0 of 5,838