The NYC Green Fund Crowdfunding Challenge is back to support projects that enhance or maintain NYC’s green spaces and foster community engagement through these initiatives.

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What's New in 2024:

  • The application must be submitted by a group or organization with proven experience in working within NYC’s parks, playgrounds, green streets, community gardens, and other public green spaces.
  • Eligibility is limited to organizations with an annual budget smaller than $50,000.
  • Organizations are now eligible for up to $2,500 in match funding to double the impact of donations towards their local park, community garden, green street, or other green space projects.
  • If your organization's project site is based in an Environmental Justice Area (EJA), you qualify for $3,000 in match funding. Visit this page to determine if your project site is based in an EJA. Note: Sites labeled "Potential EJ Area" do not qualify for $3,000. 

Learn How to Maximize Your Funding:

Don’t miss our webinar detailing everything you need to know about maximizing your fundraising through the NYC Green Fund Crowdfunding Challenge. Discover strategies, tips, and insights on making the most of this opportunity.

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Why Participate?

  • Instant Donation Matching: As you crowdfund, donations to your project will be instantly doubled up to $500 per donor, with a total of $2,500 or $3,000 matched per organization, depending on the program location. EJA locations are eligible for the $3,000 match.
  • Exclusive Resources: Access our comprehensive suite of free resources and guidance on effective crowdfunding.
  • Personalized Support: Benefit from a one-on-one session with an ioby crowdfunding coach, who will equip you with the tools and knowledge to successfully raise donations.
  • Fiscal Sponsorship: Available for groups without a 501(c)(3) status, allowing you to focus on your project while we handle the administrative details.
  • Nonprofit-Friendly Fees: Enjoy minimal fees thanks to our nonprofit status, ensuring more funds go directly to your project.

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Eligibility Requirements for the 2024 NYC Green Fund Crowdfunding Challenge

To participate in the NYC Green Fund Crowdfunding Challenge, applicants must meet the following criteria:

1)Organizational Experience: The application must be submitted by a group or organization with proven experience in working within NYC’s parks, playgrounds, green streets, community gardens, and other public green spaces. 

2)Project Location: The funding requested must support activities occurring within or aimed at improving one or more of the following public green spaces in NYC:
     a. Parks and related green streets or street trees
     b. Playgrounds
     c. GreenThumb community gardens
     d. Non-GreenThumb community gardens
     e. Other public green spaces

3)Budget Requirements: Your organization’s most recent annual operating budget should be under $50,000. If you do not have a formal annual operating budget, consider your total expenses for the most recent full fiscal year.

4)Past PfP Experience: Your organization’s project leader must have prior experience working with PfP.

5)Reporting Compliance: All required interim and final reports for previous CPF/PfP grants must have been completed.

6)Campaigns must finish and cash-out by November 30, 2024Here's why

7)ioby policy requires a minimum of five distinct donors in order to cash out with matching funds. Here's why



For queries about eligibility, applications, or the NYC Green Fund, contact the Partnerships for Parks grants team at:

Ineligible Projects and Budgets:

  • Because all ioby projects must have a public benefit, projects that benefit one specific individual, family, or business are NOT eligible.
  • Organizations with an annual budget larger than $50,000 are not eligible for this match funding.
  • Projects involving: political campaigning, lobbying, or contributions to political campaigns are NOT eligible.
  • Fundraising for a pool of funds to be re-granted to others or used for an unspecified purpose in the future is NOT eligible.
  • General operating support or funding new staff hires is NOT eligible.
  • ioby and Partnerships for Parks may determine a project ineligible at any time.


2024 Participants: