This program is closed.

Get one-on-one coaching and fiscal sponsorship for a project in your Cuyahoga County community. 

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Our ioby community is full of helpers. Neighborhood leaders, unofficial mayors of the block, people like you who have always stepped up to do what’s right and to lend a hand. We know that many of you are now trying to figure out how to step up to support your neighbors. We’re here to help.


If your project is an immediate COVID emergency response project, please apply for a grant from Neighborhood Connections.  



Support a COVID-19 response project in Cuyahoga County:

Neighbors across Cleveland are already fundraising to support their communities. Start a campaign of your own to be featured here. 

  • We Are There

    Raising Money for a van to help combat the pandemic

    NEEDS: $0 of 6,091
  • united we stand

    United We Stand

    We are raising money to help provide aid to our "Community Support Program" to combat covid-19

    NEEDS: $0 of 6,091
  • Essential Saturday

    Each Saturday we distribute essential projects to low income neighborhoods, we are also providing prescription pick up and light shopping for the elderly and disabled , coat distribution , we have many resources .

    NEEDS: $3,553 of 3,553 + Volunteers
  • Woodhill Co-Op Pop Ups!

    Restoring health, pride and a sense of belonging in the Buckeye Woodhill neighborhood, through PPE distribution, and working long-term to establish a community-owned laundromat.

    NEEDS: $0 of 5,178 + Volunteers



    NEEDS: $0 of 6,091
  • Notes in the City

    Thumbs on a Drum, creates a synergetic Hum

    NEEDS: $12,577 of 12,577 + Volunteers
  • Bringing Things Into Focus

    Bringing Things Into Focus: Results from the importance of improving college access and readiness for minority scholars in urban high schools.  

    NEEDS: $0 of 3,046
  • Cleveland Powerlifting Club

    Cleveland Powerlifting Club

    Please help us raise money to send our middle school & high school powerlifting team from the Cleveland Metropolitan School District to the USA Powerlifting High School Nationals competition in March of 2021!

    NEEDS: $0 of 6,240

    We encourage people to explore their creative selves through participatory projects that help bring the community together, lift spirits and have a focused message on making change.

    NEEDS: $0 of 6,091 + Volunteers