[Neighbors including 96-year-old Edward Oliver, center, at the groundbreaking of Georgia's AgriHood.]

Enrollment is now closed. Funding ends December 2023.

The New York Healthy Food, Healthy Lives Match Program supports BIPOC residents of New York State who crowdfund for community food systems and food justice.

This match program supports BIPOC residents and their leadership in creating healthy and just food systems in neighborhoods across New York State. Participants receive one-on-one crowdfunding support from ioby. The first $1,000 is matched per donor, and participants can access up to $5,000 in matching funds until the program ends.

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Eligibility is limited to NY state residents who identify as Black, Indigenous, or People of Color who are leading projects that improve public health in communities across New York State. 

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When you crowdfund with an ioby match program, you'll get:

  • Our free resources and guidance for how to crowdfund.

  • A one-on-one ioby crowdfunding coach to teach you how to successfully raise donations.

  • While you crowdfund, donations will be doubled instantly. (Up to $1,000 per donation and $5,000 per group.)

  • We offer fiscal sponsorship to groups that are not a 501(c)3.  

  • Our fees are very low because we are a nonprofit.

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Learn more about this match program:


Learn from a Leader:
How Keyona and Krista Crowdfunded in Niagra Falls, NY


Participating Projects:

  • ¡Cada Paso Crew!

    ¡Palante! Camp Cada Paso 2023

    Cada Paso Summer Camp: Air, Water, Climate and Health Justice in East Harlem

    FREE FUN for the whole FAMILY

    NEEDS: $0 of 10,204
  • Image showing sunflower with a bee

    Community garden, food justice events

    This event will support a community garden that promotes food justice through urban farming, classes on farming and herbalism, neighborhood beautification and community events.

    NEEDS: $0 of 10,000
  • Growing food is a skill

    Norwood BIPOC Grows "NeighborFood"

    Empowering our "many shades of color community" to not ONLY depend on supermarkets but to give control back to the people to seed, grow, eat, and share as neighbors for healthier lives 

    NEEDS: $8,918 of 10,720 + Volunteers
  • S.O.A.P Recipe

    Stimulating elementary youth to explore science, entrepreneurship, health and urban agriculture through hands-on learning and individualized literacy and Spanish education.

    NEEDS: $0 of 7,380
  • Lorrie Clevenger, Jane Hayes-Hodge, Karen Washington and Michaela Hayes-Hodge at Rise & Root Farm

    Fresh food and community

    Help us provide farm fresh produce to our community in the Bronx. We'll provide produce from our farm for distribution by the Mary Mitchell Family and Youth Center.

    NEEDS: $0 of 12,244
  • The Hiddenbrooke field in Beacon where we'll be growing for the 2024 season

    Support Finca Seremos

    Finca Seremos will grow nutritious, organic produce in Beacon, NY for uptown families of all stripes—with a focus on SNAP recipients—who value fresh, local, and culturally-appropriate food.

    NEEDS: $2,577 of 16,791 + Volunteers