Enrollment is now closed for 2021 

Projects below are accepting donations!


The NYC COVID-19 Neighborhood Relief Fund provides matching dollars up to $15,000 to ioby crowdfunding campaigns for projects that help low-income communities respond to and recover from the economic and social impacts of COVID-19.

 You can still share your idea here to crowdfund, but without a match.


New York City is tough, but we'll all need to step up and lend a hand to weather this crisis. Even as COVID-19 hits our city hard, it's hitting some neighborhoods even harder. We're seeing the fault lines of inequity being exposed, and a long history of disinvestment has left low-income neighborhoods at particular risk. But we also know that those very same neighborhoods have a long history of resistance, joy, community, and power. We'll need to lean on those strengths, and one another, now more than ever. ioby has your back. 

When you crowdfund for a project that provides relief for low-income neighbors who might be hardest hit by this crisis, we'll match up to $15,000. Relief projects should be led or co-led by residents of the neighborhoods that projects take place in, and/or people personally affected by the issues the project addresses. Project leaders should have strong relationships with the communities they plan to serve.  

Is your project eligible?

Match dollars are available on a first-come, first-served rolling basis until funding runs out. When you crowdfund with ioby you'll get access to our free resources and support guides, as well as tailored one-on-one coaching to help set you up for success. While you fundraise, donations to your page will be instantly doubled so your fundraising work goes twice as far.


Donate to a project and get your donation doubled:

As always, please remember to follow the CDC's guidelines and your local health authority's instructions as you support your community. 

  • Group photo by Rathkopf Photography

    South Brooklyn Mutual Aid

    We're building solidarity not charity and supporting our communities in South Brooklyn during the COVID-19 crisis. 

    NEEDS: $32,005 of 400,000 + Volunteers
  • Astoria Mutual Aid Network Fund

    Neighbors give help. Neighbors get help. 

    These funds will help us ensure our neighbor's basic needs are met to the best of our abilities. 

    NEEDS: $24,957 of 250,000 + Volunteers
  • Grocery Stipends

    Restuarant service workers raising funds for weekly grocery stipends and monthly rent relief, prioritizing those who cannot access unemployment benefits.

    NEEDS: $16,497 of 81,590
  • Two hands on either side of the words "Neighbors Looking Out for Each Other" in English and Spanish

    Red Hook Mutual Aid

    We are a small corps of concerned Red Hookers committed to making supplies, resources, and information as accessible, inclusive, and comprehensive as possible. 

    NEEDS: $7,761 of 30,000
  • Marcia in the winter

    Phoenix Community Garden Elder Box Program

    Providing food stability to elders in Ocean Hill-Brownsville and East Bushwick during the pandemic by delivering fresh fruits and vegetables and pantry staples. 

    NEEDS: $17,198 of 27,340
  • Greater Prospect Heights Mutual Aid's Community Fund

    In response to COVID-19 and the related economic upheaval, GPHMA is providing direct material support to neighbors in need and working to strengthen relationships between community members and institutions.

    NEEDS: $0 of 20,305
  • Turn Gray into Green In Brooklyn

    Help Brooklyn schools & locals transform a gray food desert to green healthy places to live & learn with community gardens, farm/flea markets & outdoor learning.


    NEEDS: $0 of 30,457 + Volunteers
  • 200 Groceries Delivered!

    Everybody Eats Deliveries

    Help us deliver healthy groceries to families experiencing food-insecurity in Brooklyn, NY! 

    NEEDS: $3,196 of 16,043 + Volunteers
  • Offline Kid Time, Inc.

    Nonprofit corporation providing free membership to parents wanting their children to have another alternative to screen time that fosters imagination, creativity and community.


    NEEDS: $7,749 of 30,457
  • EVLoves Resiliency

    Celebrating NYC resiliency through a global pandemic

    NEEDS: $0 of 33,200
  • Invisible Hands Deliver

    Join Invisible Hands in making sure no one in our community is left alone, unable to access the food and resources they need to survive.

    NEEDS: $0 of 10,194 + Volunteers