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Green Infrastructure Crowdfunding Match

  Double your donations for your green infrastructure crowdfunding project! 

Even the smallest amount of rain, as little as 0.1 inches, can overwhelm our water systems and cause flooding and sewage to overflow into our local waterways. But everyday neighbors (like you!) are working together to help solve stormwater issues through simple but powerful green infrastructure projects.

ioby is partnering with the Summit Foundation to support resident-led green infrastructure installations in six cities: 
Cleveland, Detroit, New Orleans, New York City, Pittsburgh, and Washington D.C.

Are you ready to install a stormwater solution in your neighborhood in one of these six cities? 

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If your project is eligible, you could get tailored one-on-one fundraising support and up to $8,000 in donations DOUBLED. 

The ioby Green Infrastructure Crowdfunding Match can double donations dollar-for-dollar up to $8,000 to your project installing a rain garden, a bioswale or vegetated strip on a sidewalk, rain barrels or planter boxes under downspouts, depaving parking lots to be permeable, or installing a green roof. These 7 green infrastructure solutions are eligible to be matched and have priority for this match opportunity because they're proven solutions to stormwater overflow, but if you have another creative idea to mitigate stormwater we're happy to discuss eligibility. 

Is my project eligible? Click here! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More 

What is green infrastructure? Not every neighborhood gardening or greening project is a green infrastructure project. Green infrastructure refers to stormwater management practices that mimic what happens in nature during and after heavy rainfall. Green infrastructure works to either capture stormwater so it can be reused (like rain barrels), or offer it a place to seep into the ground gradually and feed plants (like bioswales) instead of leaving it to flow over paved surfaces like roads and sidewalks where the water can't be absorbed and can cause flooding or overwhelm sewer systems. Want to learn more about Green Infrastructure and starting a stormwater mitigation project in your neighborhood? Download our FREE Green Infrastructure Toolkit! 

Downlowd the Green Infrastructure Toolkit 


If you're interested in crowdfunding for a Green Infrastructure project in your community but still have questions, watch our recent webinar for an introduction to the ioby Green Infrastructure Crowdfunding Match.

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Support a Project 

Below are examples of green infrastructure projects supported in the past. Start a project of your own to be featured here. 

  • Evergreen Rain Garden

    A rain garden on unmaintained property to provide benefits of residential surface management techniques, including beautification, native plant propagation, & species diversity.

    NEEDS: $0 of 1,374 + Volunteers
  • Rockaway Rain Reuse System

    We will tackle issues surrounding storm water management by maximizing the potential uses of water by designing and constructing water catchments system.

    NEEDS: $0 of 345