Made possible by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) Environmental Benefit Project

Photo: Kofi and Tobias organized their Brooklyn neighbors to crowdfund $32,000 for Make the Block Bloom

Enrollment is now closed for the 2022 program.

New York City has a rich history of neighbors organizing for environmental justice. We know that New Yorkers have great ideas for improving and protecting the local environment. With our partner NYSDEC, ioby is proud to match donations to neighborhood sustainability projects.

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Watch: Crowdfunding for Environmental Justice:
A panel discussion with seven NYC community leaders. 

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All NYC neighborhoods are invited to apply. Preference will be given to environmental justice communities, as designated by our partner NYSDEC.

This program requires an application that will be reviewed and approved by our partner, NYSDEC. If approved, donations to your ioby crowdfunding campaign will be matched while you crowdfund, up to $5,000 per organization.

Eligibility Details & Priority Areas

Projects may include:

  • Air and water quality improvement/monitoring

  • Storm recovery

  • Environmental restoration

  • Waste management 

  • Pollution prevention/reduction 

  • Environmental education/public awareness 

  • Energy efficiency

  • Climate change preparedness 

  • Stormwater mitigation/green infrastructure 

  • Other great ideas!

Watch: Eligibility Explained



When you crowdfund with ioby you'll get access to our free resources and crowdfunding guidance, you'll be paired with a one-on-one ioby coach to help set you up for success, we offer fiscal sponsorship to groups who are not a 501c3, and our fees are very low because we are a nonprofit. If your project is not eligible for this match program, you may still be eligible to fundraise on ioby without matching funds.  


ioby NYC Environmental Justice & Sustainability Match Program Participants:

  • Clean Dirt for Highbridge Dirtjump Park (Round 2)

    Help rebuild NYC's premiere dirt-terrain park into a world-class riding facility with a smooth, low maintenance riding surface, and more features, terrain, and progression than ever before!

    NEEDS: $0 of 23,280 + Volunteers
  • Class sits in High Tunnel they just built

    High Tunnels with FSNYC

    Exploring the environmental enhancements of High Tunnels  with FSNYC.

    Creating spaces where community cultivate their conditions.

    NEEDS: $0 of 1,850
  • Building Healthier Neighborhoods

    To improve the health and wellbeing of community members through bicycles safety and local compost drop to engage in zero waste activities



    NEEDS: $0 of 1,539
  • Community Greenhouse

    Physically we will build a hoop house to start plants from seed and hold classes. What we are also building is a place where the community can decide what to grow and share knowledge on how to grow.

    NEEDS: $0 of 10,152
  • Canoeing & Trash Collection

    Clean Gowanus and Red Hook Shorelines

    Help fund our cleaning efforts at the shorelines of Red Hook and the Gowanus Canal.  We remove street trash at the Canal and we remove trash that has washed up at Louis Valentino Jr. Pier in Red Hook.

    NEEDS: $0 of 10,152 + Volunteers
  • Welcome to Willow Lake, The Pat Dolan  Trail

    Trailblazers 4 FMCP

    TrailBlazers are the Starting Point 4 Nature.

    Nature needs HELP when it's located in a community that uses it 4 Recreation, Birdwatching, Canoeing, and Trail hiking.

    NEEDS: $0 of 1,525 + Volunteers
  • Canal Park Reclaimed  & Replanted

    Canal Park Thriving


    NEEDS: $0 of 11,000 + Volunteers
  • Pleasant Village Community Garden

    EAST HARLEM Permeable Path

    ADA compliant and Permeable Walkway @ Pleasant Village Community Garden! We aim to replace our existing walkway to help mitigate storm water run off from flooding east harlem!!

    NEEDS: $0 of 1,121
  • Brownsville Going Green

    Help us raise funds so we can engage Brownsville youth to use Open Streets to clean up & green Blake Ave. in one of NYC's most neglected communities.

    NEEDS: $0 of 3,320 + Volunteers