Meet Karja Hansen. Welcome ioby to Miami.

by ioby
January 15, 2013

Had you asked me prior to the summer of 2010 if I would ever consider living in Miami, I would have quickly answered no. I’d never been to Miami, but I’d been to Orlando, and Miami was south of that humid hot mess, and from what little I knew of it, populated by shopping malls, […]

ioby announces Report After Hurricane Sandy

by ioby
January 12, 2013
Maps AU IBN (AL)

Hurricane Sandy reminded us all that we need to be prepared for extreme weather events. Currently New York, New Jersey and many states along the east coast are doing some hard thinking about how to make us less vulnerable to storms. But another thing that Sandy reminded us of is the importance of neighborhood cohesion […]

EcoDistricts Institute

by ioby
October 6, 2012

We are really excited to be working with the Portland Sustainability Institute. For our east coast friends who might not have heard about PoSI yet, we want to share the PoSI premiere from the May 2012 EcoDistrict Institute. Check out the video to learn about this collaborative learning environment for practitioners in urban sustainability.

Attention Federal Employees. Make Your CFC Pledge to Support ioby.

by ioby
September 22, 2012

Are you a Federal employee? Help make NYC neighborhoods stronger and more sustainable with ioby! Make Your CFC Pledge to Support ioby (CFC #90752) Each year, the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), the only authorized fundraising drive in the federal workplace, solicits contributions from federal employees to help support charitable organizations. We are proud to be […]

ioby goes to Memphis

by ioby
September 13, 2012
nabeland image

The ioby-Tactical Urbanism-Neighborland mashup Exciting news from ioby’s Gowanus office here. Over the last few months, we’ve been admiring the good work of Tactical Urbanism and Neighborland, and we’ve been wanting to work together. And now, we are. Next weekend, we’re all going to Memphis. Alan Williams from Neighborland and Erin Barnes from ioby, two […]

Awesome Project: One Kin Farm

by ioby
August 24, 2012

Growing up in Jamaica, Jimmy and his friends fed the island’s rabbits a diet that any human would envy: bananas, cabbage, grapes, apples and mangoes. Today, four decades later, the 59-year-old lives in Bedford-Stuyvesant, a residential Brooklyn area that boasts many Caribbean and Latin American immigrants. In a world of concrete and row houses, he […]

Awesome Project: Bronx Greenhouse at Intervale Green

by ioby
August 16, 2012

Six stories up in the air, 70 feet above the concrete, the earthy aroma of fresh herbs and leafy greens fills the 5,000 square foot rooftop farm located in the South Bronx in New York City. Residents of Intervale Green, the nation’s largest multi-family, Energy Star certified affordable housing development, have been going up to […]