How to Develop Good Citizenship: An Old Lesson

by ioby
May 1, 2013
Flanner House Historic Records _Citizenship

At ioby, we often support emerging leaders with new ideas. And although many ioby projects are innovative, totally fresh ideas or use leading edge technology, many of the concepts of doing ioby work are quite old. The tools for building community–talking to your neighbors, supporting local businesses, volunteering–haven’t changed much in centuries. Our case in […]

Comeback Cities: Detroit & Miami

by ioby
April 15, 2013

We were privileged to have ioby’s own Karja Hansen take part in the inaugural Placemaking Leadership Council, convened by Project for Public Spaces, so that ioby could spend some time in America’s leading current comeback city, Detroit, as an inspiration for ioby’s work in Miami. The Leadership Council was an incredible 2.5 day working group […]

How A City Got Its River Back

by ioby
March 4, 2013
Kayaking down the L.A. River

We are so happy to see the Next American City Forefront piece by Nate Berg this morning on the Los Angeles River. Since 2008, George Wolfe has been at the helm of a massive coalition of organizations working to ensure that the L.A. River keeps its federal designation as a protected waterway by proving that […]

With your vote, ioby will get to present at FEAST!

by ioby
February 28, 2013

ioby is a finalist in the Feast’s Rev Up Change! The Feast, in partnership with NBC Universal is awarding a $25,000 prize and speaking opportunity at the 2013 Feast Conference to an innovative project that creates social change in the community. We really, really want to win. The prize will help even more ioby project leaders […]

Container Urbanism

by ioby

We loved the Design Observer piece on Container Urbanism. In addition, to activating public space, providing a home to the burgeoning urban locavore movement, supporting new startup clothiers and temporary boutiques for makers and craftspeople of all types, containers can also be a community space for great new civic ideas to come to life. Velo […]